Hello, Dance Families!

The deadline for payment of Winter Recital fees is approaching quickly! If you have already paid your Winter Recital fee, thank you! If you DO NOT WISH to participate, please alert your teacher immediately.

All participants must satisfy the $50 recital fee no later than next Sunday, September 22nd. Fees have been posted to each family's account.  You may pay online or leave a check at the studio this week. If you wish for us to run your card on file, please reply to this email and we will email a receipt to you.  If the fee is not paid by September 22nd, then we will presume that your dancer will not be participating in the show and remove her from the recital enrollment and void the charge from your account. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this deadline!

Please log in to your parent portal to pay your recital fee online. The link is as follows:


Your log-in is the email address to which this message was sent. To set or reset your password, click on "Reset Password".

Attached below you will find the show time for each class. Please be aware that every effort has been made to accommodate all contingencies, including but not limited to keeping siblings together. If we are unable to place them in the same show, then they are in consecutive shows. A great deal of elements must be considered as we schedule 281 dancers in 53 classes, including 31 sets of siblings, into 5 shows and so there will be no changes made to the schedule.

We can't wait to see all of our sweet dance friends up on the stage shining and sparkling as we welcome in the Holiday Season!!

Happy Dancing!

“Holly Jolly Holidance”

Saturday, December 14th


His Hands Church

550 Molly Ln., Woodstock


off Hwy 92 beside Lowe’s & BJ’s


9am show

from DTW studio only:

Mon 1:15 Mrs. Amanda

Mon 4:00 Mrs. Michaele

Mon 6:00 Mrs. Michaele

Mon 6:15 Ms. Amy

Tues 1:15 Mrs. Lori

Wed 10:30 Mrs. Lori

Wed 11:30 Mrs. Lori

Thurs 11:30 Mrs. Michaele

Thurs 4:00 Mrs. Lori

Fri 9:30 Mrs. Beth

Fri 10:30 Mrs. Beth

SATURDAY 11am show

from DTW studio:

Mon 10:30 Mrs. Amanda

Tues 6:00 Miss Sophia

Wed 4:00 Mrs. Beth

Sat 9:00 Miss Sophia

Sat 9:30 Mrs. Sarah / Miss Grace

Sat 11:30 Mrs. Sarah / Miss Grace

from HF studio:

HF Wed 11:30 Mrs. Amanda

HF Wed 1:15 Mrs. Amanda

HF Wed 4:00 Mrs. Michaele

HF Wed 5:00 Mrs. Michaele

HF Sat 10:00 Mrs. Michaele

SATURDAY 1pm show

from DTW studio only:

Mon 11:30 Mrs. Amanda

Mon 3:00 Mrs. Amanda

Tues 9:30 Mrs. Lori

Tues 11:30 Mrs. Lori

Tues 4:15 Mrs. Michaele

Tues 6:15 Mrs. Michaele

Wed 1:15 Mrs. Lori

Thurs 3:00 Mrs. Lori

Thurs 5:00 Mrs. Lori

Fri 11:30 Mrs. Beth

Sat 10:30 Mrs. Sarah / Miss Grace


SATURDAY 3pm show

from DTW studio:

Mon 5:00 Mrs. Michaele

Mon 5:15 Ms. Amy

Tues 10:30 Mrs. Lori

Tues 5:00 Miss Sophia

Tues 5:15 Mrs. Michaele

Wed 5:00 Mrs. Beth

Thurs 6:00 Ms. Amy

Thurs 6:15 Mrs. Beth

from HF studio:

HF Sat 9:00 Mrs. Michaele

HF Sat 11:00 Mrs. Michaele


SATURDAY 5pm show

from DTW studio:

Wed 6:00 Mrs. Beth

Thurs 5:15 Mrs. Beth

Sat 10:00 Miss Sophia

from HF studio:

HF Tues 4:30 Mrs. Beth

HF Tues 5:30 Mrs. Beth

HF Wed 10:30 Mrs. Amanda

HF Fri 9:30 Mrs. Christine

HF Fri 10:30 Mrs. Christine

HF Fri 11:30 Mrs. Christine 

HF Sat 12:00 Mrs. Michaele


REMINDER: Our regular season runs from August - May. By enrolling in our program, you are committing to this season in its entirety. If you find you are not able to fulfill this commitment, Dance Imagination requires you to provide 30 days notice to withdraw from your enrollment. Failure to provide 30 days notice of withdrawal from your enrollment will result in a withdrawal fee equal to your regular monthly tuition.

TUITION POLICY: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. It is late on the 2nd; however, we provide a grace period until the 10th in consideration of parents' various pay schedules. A late fee of $10 is applied to all outstanding tuition balances on the 11th of each month. Each family should have a credit or debit card on file which is required at registration. If outstanding tuition balances are not paid by the 12th, including the late fee, we will run the card on file for the outstanding balance. Please update your current card on file with your teacher during your next class, or you may update it online. We provide auto draft services for no additional charge for all families. These are deducted on the 1st of each month September - May and circumvent any worry of late fees or delinquent accounts. Families with accounts that go unpaid may be asked to withdraw from class enrollment. If you experience any financial issues or an emergency arises which may prevent you from paying your tuition on time, please contact Amanda at amanda@danceimagination.com or 678-445-2731 to discuss payment arrangements. Thank you!

STUDIO POLICY: All dancers must wear leotard, tights and appropriate dance shoes to each class. Please do not send your child into class in pajamas, street clothes, etc. Proper attire is required for class participation and will facilitate dressing up for younger dancers and appropriate technique instruction for older girls. Ballet skirts, tutus, ballet sweaters and leg warmers are acceptable.

A few reminders:

¶  PAYMENT POLICY: Tuition due on 1st for current month

* Your tuition is due on the 1st of each month and will be applied to the current month’s bill.

* All accounts will incur a $10 late fee if tuition is not paid in full by the 10th of each month. 

* The deposit you pay at registration has been applied to your first month's tuition.

¶  MAKE-UP CLASS POLICY: Limited availability    30-day expiration

* Make-up classes will be available on a limited basis and must be completed within 30 days of your absence. Make-up classes not completed within 30 days will be forfeited. Please notify your teacher via email prior to your absence when possible.

We will continue to follow the Cherokee County School District calendar for all major, week-long breaks and Labor Day. We WILL meet for class on MLK, Jr. Day and all teacher work days. Here are a few important dates:

Important Dates 

  • September 22nd: Winter Recital Fees due $50

  • September 23rd - 28th: Fall Break (Studios Closed)

  • November 24th: Spring Recital Deposit Due $45

  • November 25th - 30th: Thanksgiving Break (Studios Closed)

  • December 14th: Winter Recital at His Hands Church

  • December 16th: Make-up day for Labor Day holiday (Monday classes only)

  • December 17th - January 3rd: Holiday Break (Studios Closed)

  • January 31st: 2nd Spring Recital Payment Due $45

  • February 17th - 22nd: Winter Break (Studios Closed)

  • March 21st: Final Spring Recital Payment Due $45

  • April 6th - 11th: Spring Break (Studios Closed)

  • May 8th & 9th: Spring Recital at His Hands Church

  • May 16th: Last Day of 2019-20 Regular Season Classes

 Please let us know if you have any questions. We know it is sometimes hard to catch us between classes, so just shoot us an email and we'll be glad to help in any way we can!


Mrs. Amanda / amanda@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Amy / amy@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Beth / beth@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Christine / christine@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Lori / lori@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Michaele / michaele@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Sarah & Miss Grace / sarah@danceimagination.com

Miss Sophia / sophia@danceimagination.com