Our 2019-20 Regular Season begins on August 3rd and culminates in our Spring Recital in May 2020. Our program consists of 34 classes per season (17 before the holiday break and 17 after the new year) and totals $590 for a 45 or 55 minute class and $810 for a 90 minute class. The total program fee is divided up into 10 monthly tuition payments as indicated below. A deposit equal to one month's tuition is due upon your registration and is applied toward your August tuition. Recital fees are not included in our program fee and are collected separately from tuition as indicated below. Dance supplies such as shoes, tights and appropriate dance attire are required to participate in our program but are not included in our program fee; however, all of these can be purchased from our studio at nominal cost. Participants who enroll late in our regular season program forfeit their missed classes and will incur regular monthly tuition fees going forward. Tuition rates will remain as follows: 

45 min / 55 min classes $59 per month

1 & 1/2 hour classes $81 per month

Winter Recital fee $50 per dancer (no sibling discounts)

Spring Recital fee $135 per dancer (no sibling discounts)

REMINDER: Our regular season runs from August - May. By enrolling in our program, you are committing to this season in its entirety. If you find you are not able to fulfill this commitment, Dance Imagination requires you to provide 30 days notice to withdraw from your enrollment. Failure to provide 30 days notice of withdrawal from your enrollment will result in a withdrawal fee equal to your regular monthly tuition.

TUITION POLICY: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. It is late on the 2nd; however, we provide a grace period until the 10th in consideration of parents' various pay schedules. A late fee of $10 is applied to all outstanding tuition balances on the 11th of each month. Each family should have a credit or debit card on file which is required at registration. If outstanding tuition balances are not paid by the 12th, including the late fee, we will run the card on file for the outstanding balance. Please update your current card on file with your teacher during your next class, or you may update it online. We provide auto draft services for no additional charge for all families. These are deducted on the 1st of each month September - May and circumvent any worry of late fees or delinquent accounts. Families with accounts that go unpaid may be asked to withdraw from class enrollment. If you experience any financial issues or an emergency arises which may prevent you from paying your tuition on time, please contact Amanda at amanda@danceimagination.com or 678-445-2731 to discuss payment arrangements. Thank you!

"Holly Jolly Holidance" Friday & Saturday Dec 13th & 14th, Winter Recital 

His Hands Church, 550 Molly Lane in Woodstock.  Recital Showtimes will be announced in the Fall.


STUDIO POLICY: All dancers must wear leotard, tights and appropriate dance shoes to each class. Please do not send your child into class in pajamas, street clothes, etc. Proper attire is required for class participation and will facilitate dressing up for younger dancers and appropriate technique instruction for older girls. Ballet skirts, tutus, ballet sweaters and leg warmers are acceptable.

A few reminders:

¶  PAYMENT POLICY: Tuition due on 1st for current month

* Your tuition is due on the 1st of each month and will be applied to the current month’s bill.

* All accounts will incur a $10 late fee if tuition is not paid in full by the 10th of each month. 

* The deposit you pay at registration has been applied to your first month's tuition.

¶  MAKE-UP CLASS POLICY: Limited availability    30-day expiration

* Make-up classes will be available on a limited basis and must be completed within 30 days of your absence. Make-up classes not completed within 30 days will be forfeited. Please notify your teacher via email prior to your absence when possible.

¶  FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE:  Automatic Tuition Drafts    

* Simplify your life and avoid late charges! Sign up for automatic tuition drafts on our quick, easy form. Forms available only at the studio and require your signature.

* All drafts must be renewed at the beginning of each regular season. Drafts from the previous season will NOT continue without a newly completed form.


We will continue to follow the Cherokee County School District calendar for all major, week-long breaks and Labor Day. We WILL meet for class on MLK, Jr. Day and all teacher work days. Here are a few important dates:

Important Dates 

  • July 19th: Last Day of Summer Camps at Downtown Woodstock

  • July 22nd: Last Day of Monday Summer Classes

  • July 24th: Shoe Fitting 5:00-7:00pm at Downtown Woodstock

  • July 27th: Last Day of Saturday Summer Classes

  • July 27th: Shoe Fitting 1:00-3:00pm at Downtown Woodstock

  • August 3rd: First Day of 2019-20 Regular Season

  • September 2nd: Labor Day (Studios Closed)

  • September 22nd: Winter Recital Fees due $50

  • September 23rd - 28th: Fall Break (Studios Closed)

  • November 24th: Spring Recital Deposit Due $45

  • November 25th - 30th: Thanksgiving Break (Studios Closed)

  • December 13th & 14th: Winter Recital at His Hands Church

  • December 16th - January 3rd: Holiday Break (Studios Closed)

  • January 31st: 2nd Spring Recital Payment Due $45

  • February 17th - 22nd: Winter Break (Studios Closed)

  • March 21st: Final Spring Recital Payment Due $45

  • April 6th - 11th: Spring Break (Studios Closed)

  • May 8th & 9th: Spring Recital at His Hands Church

  • May 16th: Last Day of 2019-20 Regular Season Classes

 Please let us know if you have any questions. We know it is sometimes hard to catch us between classes, so just shoot us an email and we'll be glad to help in any way we can!


Mrs. Amanda / amanda@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Amy

Mrs. Beth / beth@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Christine

Miss Grace

Mrs. Lori / lori@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Michaele / michaele@danceimagination.com

Mrs. Sarah / sarah@danceimagination.com

Miss Sophia / sophia@danceimagination.com