Fairytale Ballet/Tap/Tumble
Ages 18 months - 5 years
Mommy & Me or Independent

Your child will enter into a magical world combining ballet with imagination.  She will dress up in costumes and use props to dance through all the favorite fairytales, while learning the techniques and terms of ballet.  Then she will move into tap or tumble.  The tumble involves gymnastics, parachute games, obstacle courses, and song and dance.  As she grows older this class becomes more technical.  

Beginner/Intermediate Classes
Ages 4-8

This class is open to students who have had at least one year of dance experience and are ready for more technical ballet instruction. The class is more structured and includes ballet, tap, and hip hop, and students will dress up at the teacher's discretion.

Advanced Classes
Ages 7 and Up (Grouped by Experience)

This class requires dedication and discipline on the part of the student. Progress is made slowly, but the rewards are many. Students will be instructed in classical ballet technique,and will either tap or become hip-hop divas. Dress up is at the teacher's discretion.

Hip Hop
Ages 4 and Up

Shake your hips and strut your stuff to the latest craze! The girls will learn tasteful, age-approprate hip-hop routines.