Dance Imagination charges a $20 registration fee per family per year.

  • 45 min - 55 min ballet/tap or ballet/tumble - $59

  • 1.5 hr Intermediate / Advanced Classes - $81

20% discount for siblings.
20% discount for students who enroll in two programs. 

TUITION POLICY: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. It is late on the 2nd; however, we provide a grace period until the 10th in consideration of parents' various pay schedules. A late fee of $10 is applied to all outstanding tuition balances on the 11th of each month. Each family should have a credit or debit card on file which is required at registration. If outstanding tuition balances are not paid by the 12th, including the late fee, we will run the card on file for the outstanding balance. Please update your current card on file with your teacher during your next class, or you may update it online. We provide auto draft services for no additional charge for all families. These are deducted on the 1st of each month September - May and circumvent any worry of late fees or delinquent accounts. Families with accounts that go unpaid may be asked to withdraw from class enrollment. If you experience any financial issues or an emergency arises which may prevent you from paying your tuition on time, please contact Amanda at or 678-445-2731 to discuss payment arrangements. Thank you!

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Our regular season runs from August - May. By enrolling in our program, you are committing to this season in its entirety. If you find you are not able to fulfill this commitment, Dance Imagination requires you to provide 30 days notice to withdraw from your enrollment. Failure to provide 30 days notice of withdrawal from your enrollment will result in a withdrawal fee equal to your regular monthly tuition.